Thursday, February 1, 2007

Interesting blog post

I run across the oddest things online. When I found this I had a both/and response. I both thought the commentary was pretty funny AND I also think the tips sounded decent even though I don't really understand them all. It's seven tips for compatibility. (see below)

And speaking of compatibility that leads me to think of dating websites (I know that was a bad transition). This morning driving into work I was feeling some fear about the risk taking adventure of even just emailing a girl on previously mentioned dating website. And what made me feel better was to think, I am me. I am the same me (basically) that I was a year ago when I wasn't being a risk taker. Being a risk taker doesn't change me or how I am in relationship etc. And some how that soothed me. I don't become a different me just because I totally want to go on a date with a girl. Of course all you who are reading this are saying "Duh!" :)

OK here's the beginning of the blog post....

Seven Hot Tips - Plus Commentary
posted by Lisa Parrish

While trolling around the Internet this evening, I came across this fantastically intriguing (and intriguingly long) headline: "Bay Area Lesbian Matchmaking Service Shares the Top 7 Tips for Compatibility in Lesbian Dating Relationships." A dating service called Lavender Liaisons has apparently put out a press release listing "compatibility secrets for lesbians in monogamous dating relationships."

Now, let me make one thing clear. I am going to make fun of this -- sharp, heartless, wretched fun -- because that is what we do here on The Hookup....Please, take no offense! Which is, of course, exactly what people say when they're about to offend you. [read the rest here]

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