Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Arrrg, rescheduling sucks

So the future date has been rescheduled because the "game" she coaches got rescheduled. I am not yet sure when we will go out. It's cold and snow laden here...not sure if that's why the game was postponed or what. Anyway. I am bummed. It would be wise of me to not gear up for a date. I get that, but this is so new and so evocative and very very attention getting. (the dating thing)

j had really great advice for me recently, I think involving how much I share with someone. But I think it also works for anticipating a date. She said I could imagine my sharing who I am (or my anticipation of a date) like a balloon that needs air to be let out slowly. Interesting analogy, and one that probably can help me. Now that I think of it maybe anticipation of a date analogy is more like putting air into a balloon.

And it's not like other folk haven't winked at me and emailed me. Another woman just asked to meet and talk on the phone. So I will enjoy the fun of this adventure AND I would like to say I feel impatient for a first date with this person in particular (and in general). Which causes me to think about the nature of patience. Is it a quality and a quantity? And where do I get some!

Arrrg. Have I mentioned she's super cute? And winked at me first? And asked to meet first?

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