Saturday, May 24, 2008

Remembering when rock and roll was dangerous

Saw this on dawn's blog and decided to collect it here too. As one of those evangelicals who once attended an event that told the dangers of rock and roll music I found this fascinating.

No, I never burned any tapes, we weren't that into the dangers of rock and roll. I think my parents did realize it was a bit overboard. But I did get a button. The practice (burning rock and roll music) would fit into some versions of "earlier" christianity, according to Borg. Yes it's good to think about good things not bad things. But there is not hidden bad messages in music!

At about nine minutes into this video he does this thing on how we hear what we want to hear when he plays music backwards. The whole thing is an interesting listen though. :)


~Dawn said...

We never 'burned' anything, but I remember my parents trashing many of their records -even the Smothers Brothers.
Funny thing is that now I send them links to smothers brothers stuff and they laugh and enjoy.
They used to make a BIG deal about my brother and his heavy metal/thrash metal -even toss him out of the house, not just for the music, but for other stuff as well. But it all added up.

Wild stuff that isn't important now... now my brother will not speak to them, so sad!

ChicagoPioneerGal said...

When my records were discovered I had to burn them and repent in front of the group. The Knack is the one I still remember the cover of! My mom will now claim to not remember any of it. "Are you sure, I just don't remember..." with a very dismissive shake of the head. AH WELL. Thank god for therapy.