Saturday, May 24, 2008

Maybe I'm nearly emergent? according to Borg

So like I said before, in the midst of writing papers, studying for research methods, and blowing kisses to Lo, I've been thinking about christianity. After reading the books "If God is Love" and "If Grace is true" I talked with j's friend who recommended "The Heart of Christianity" by Marcus Borg because it is a bit more of an academic/substantiative look at these issues I'm wrestling with.
by Marcus J. Borg - Religion - 2004 - 234 pages
World-renowned Jesus scholar Marcus J. Borg shows how we can live passionately as Christians in today's world by practicing the vital elements of Christian...
I checked it out of the library and on chapter two. Here's a quote that I've been thinking about a bit. He is comparing two ways of viewing christianity "earlier" and "emerging" between which the contrast is really sharp. Above is an image of page 15 of the book which has a short overview of "earlier" and "emergent" christianity. I think I am, nearly emerging.

This is a quote I found particularly though provoking. How do we talk about christianity when there is such a gap?
Our time of two paradigms is virtually a tale of two Christianities...The two ways of being Christian are often suspicious of, even hostile toward, each other. From the earlier paradigm's point of view, the emerging paradigm looks like a reduction of Christianity, a subtraction... From the emerging paradigm's point of view, the earlier paradigm seems anti-intellectual and rigidly (but selectively) moralistic.


Cheryl said...

So glad you're finding Borg interesting. I figured you would. :) And like you, I find the whole "looking at the same information with new eyes and ideas" to be the most interesting and profound part of his book.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about what you think about his work.

Anonymous said...

Interesting...I was just reading an article on the emerging church movement! I was about to turn off my computer to get ready for church when i decided to read your blog first!

I'm trying to think about the sociology of religion in terms of modern ecclesiological movements, and though I didn't know much about the emerging church, I thought it might fit with my ideas. I was right.