Thursday, May 1, 2008

Maybe only 6,000 questions in my head this morning...

Good morning peoples. All you sweet peaches, blueberries, strawberries... What is with me I keep talking about food. My facebook updates have even been about food. eg. "________ hearts trader joes" or "________ is eating apart pizza". Anyway I diress. Actually this whole blog is just one big digression.

Once upon a time (in some way back blog post) I posted something that was titled 20,000 questions. This morning I don't have quite as many but.... ready for my morning mind dump?
  • Did my bro not get me a birthday present per his normal because he's mad at me?
  • My churches sermon series is on "Hard questions". It is probably the best sermon series I've ever experienced. Why? Not because they are perfect sermons, but mostly because we are covering all the questions that people ask but churches avoid, like: "How do you deal with those disturbing passages in the bible?" and "How can we reconcile science and faith"? Yep those are my questions. Especially that first one.
  • Now that I've sought out internship I've officially started feeling worried about my future. Should I hire a career coach and how the hell do I find one?
  • I want to move I've lived here too long (since 1992), AND YET in spite of the fact that non profit work pays crap, I do love security. Blast.
  • When should I tell my family I am dating someone? To be honest I'm not all that sure I want to tell them yet. My counselor keeps reminding me I am not alone. Really that is the fear isn't it? That one is going to be abandoned by their family for not being who they want you to be? And for many it's a real fear.
  • This blog The Last Psychiatrist posted Experts Weigh In On Bipolar Disorder
  • I want a break from school. AND YET I have to take research methods sometime if I want to ever get my butt licensed. That is the worst type of class to take in the summer and I will probably have to take it online. Crap.
  • I am finally making some progress on big work projects but one involves a current conflict and I feel in the middle. Two "entities" have different ideas on the future. It's in my best interest to follow my boss's ideas. I fear it will get worse before better--just to be overly pithy about it. If I've learned anything from this job it is just sit tight and watch. So I do.
  • Where in all the world can I go talk about "If God is Love" and "If Grace is True" without getting too horribly judged? I have pondered bringing them to a Seminary prof. of mine but keep reconsidering. Arg.
    If Grace Is True: Why God Will Save Every Person

    If Grace Is True: Why God Will Save Every Person

    by Philip Gulley, James Mulholland - Religion - 2004 - 240 pages
    Why Everyone Will Be in Heaven Two pastors present their controversial belief in eternal salvation for all through God's perfect grace.

    If God Is Love: Rediscovering Grace in an Ungracious World

    If God Is Love: Rediscovering Grace in an Ungracious World

    by Philip Gulley, James Mulholland - Religion - 2005 - 320 pages
    If God is love, why are so many Christians fearful, and why do so many church leaders sound hateful?


Random Reflections said...

What a lot of questions and all really interesting (although I have no idea what a career coach actually does... I don't think we have those in the UK).

Much food for thought and if you come to any conclusions, it would be good to hear them. I shall ponder too.

titration said...

Yes if I hire anyone I shall let you know.