Monday, April 21, 2008

ReMix of a meme and a new wine bar!

I got tagged by polkadotsandhiccups for this meme but, I did it here when I was tagged by zuzu so I'll just point you all there now. Go forth! I'll just add the adaption that one year ago I was wishing I was dating and still so scared because I hadn't come out to my family. What a crazy year I've had. OK now I'm being so redundant. I can't post the same thing over and over.

I have one addition to it. The meme I did was lacking in the "five things on my to do list" so for today they are.
  • Write an article for work amongst other things I need to do.
  • Write my resume for internship (no I'm not leaving my job...yet),
  • Figure out when my paper is due for my counseling of men class (I should know...)
  • Mail some thank you cards
  • Go running
New wine bar! Last night I had wine with e who I haven't seen in four months. For a while I thought she was done being my friend but she I guess isn't. e is one of the first people I met online. It was really kind of nice to do a four month update though because so much has happened in four months. She thinks I'm gushy about Lo. AND I am! And thinks in some ways I'm doing what other people did in adolescence. Which I suppose I am. But I am not at all an adolescent! As an extra bonus I now know of a new fun wine bar. It's maybe two weeks old and I love it. If you know me I will tell you which one and how great it is! (M, T, S... It's great and you should go there.)

And then talked with Lo which was blissful as always. We keep talking too late into the night. Not good for our sleeping. I then posted online for school on the termination period for men in counseling and men in groups. The more I learn about counseling of men the more I think I only want to counsel gay men. Arg.

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