Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's a hoax -- Thank God!

Random Reflections found this gem of a site: I was crabby and then was more crabby until I finally researched enough to figure out that it's not for real. I guess this site is a hoax and intended to provoke debate on the marriage laws in our country [Read the New York Times Article here]. Kids as young as 12 can legally be married off by their parents here. It's a hoax, but people are selling their daughters worldwide. Human Trafficking and slavery are more common today than ever in history! Ironic that states consider it a crime for adults to have sex with minors, but they allow kids as young as 12 to get married with parental and sometime judicial permission.

So since selling off your daughters is biblical....One of the ad's says this about Cheyenne who is on sale for only $6k.
Cheyenne B: "We're a Christian family and Cheyenne has had trouble with unchristian desires although at heart we know she's a good Christian girl. She needs a husband with STRONG Christian values who will provide her a STRONG Christian home and help her to live a godly life." She's 16.
If your daughter is gay, just sell her, it's biblical. I'm kidding people!

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