Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This guy was just cutting his hair while at a resturant.

Last night I grabbed dinner from the fancy grocery story with the free wifi. Then I hung out in the big eating space it shares with the glbt center. I was killing time before counseling. I read for school and wrote like two sentences of a paper and IMed Bobbie for a bit (who had free wifi from some hotel she's at).

I wanted to plug in my computer, but the only plug in was near this dude who was sitting next to the fireplace. There are only two plug-in's in the place. He saw me looking around and kindly offered an extension cord he brought with him. So I decided he's nice enough to share I'll sit here at his table.

For a while it was fine. He was an oldish, slightly awkward man, with a bit longish gray hair, large glasses and a beard. AND THEN, I was mid thought facing away from him in my chair IMing bobbie and I started hearing this noise: "snip, snip, snip" then quiet then again. I think the third time I heard it I saw him hands in back of his head. I realized he was cutting the back of his hair with this long pair of silver scissors.

WHAT??? And we were in a public place. There were just under twenty people in this large space that actually has a coffee shop feel to it. Most of the people were eating dinner they just bought and talking in little groups. And I hear again snip, snip, snip.

I can't even tell you how uncomfortable I started feeling. I thought why in the world is he cutting his hair here. Is he just really socially awkward? Or is he going to try and kill me? Or what the hell is going on. It was freaky. I was in the middle of IMing bobbie which never gets to happen because she doesn't have wifi and we rarely are online at the same time. I thought should I leave or move. If I do it will be really obvious and I would have to unplug from his extension cord which was coming out of his bags on the table. He is probably just really social awkward and wills stop soon. But he didn't. He would pick up the scissors every minute or so and cut some more. He had them laying next to his computer on the table where people eat. It was one of the weirdest experiences of my life.

He wasn't even looking at what he was doing. I looked to see if there was hair on the floor but there wasn't. He either put it in his hand and hid it somewhere or he was trying to freak me out on purpose.

Shall I put this post under my cutting tag? :)


Michael said...

That is actually VERY creepy. But I'm glad that you shared. It makes me feel less alone, knowing that other fabulous people are often faced with socially inept situations.

Casdok said...

Strange! Reminds me of a man who has coffee in the same cafe i go to, he drinks his coffee and eats the plastic spoon!

(no subject) said...

ok THAT'S weird!

Cheryl said...

OK, so that's weird....but at least he was nice enough to share with you, so that's redemptive. :)