Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Palm Sunday - Crossroads

Soooo I was born on Palm Sunday. I was born and my dad was preaching. Afterwards, they told him that he didn't have to preach but he had already done it. So each year these church year holiday's rotate around my birthday. My birthday has landed on all of them, Good Friday, Easter, Palm Sunday...

Every year I wish that there was some Palm Sunday metaphor I could related to my life. Being I was born on the holiday. But until this year I have not found one. Jesus road a donkey through a parade while everyone yelled Hosana. Good biblical story but not really a poetic anchor for my birth.

However, this year in church I think I figured out what my thing can be. My pastor Trey did a great job talking about Palm Sunday as a crossroads for Jesus and for the people in the story. Huge mammoth radical changes were coming to that society, to Jesus and his followers... death resurrection... That's some big stuff.

Granted my life right now is no comparison to the cosmic shift of scripture that we celebrate at this time of year. However, I do feel that I too have been at a crossroads in this year, in my life, and in my faith. And I kindof dig imagining that Jesus has been walking with me through this crossroads, maybe on a donkey, all along. It's been my imaginary donkey walking crossroads year.

And in other news, I happened to go out to eat by myself for lunch after church because I was craving these Thai ravioli at the place across the street. And there was another girl there who goes to my church, but who I hadn't ever gotten to talk with. So we had lunch together. I made a new friend. :)

p.s. my birthday is not today. That Palm Sunday just moves itself about so it's always on a different date. Crazy church year!


Heidi said...

Is it your birthday today??? If so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a most wonderful day today. Happy Palm Sunday to you!!

Casdok said...

Belated happy birthday!! And a new friend! :)

titration said...

No, not my birthday today. These holiday's rotate in our calendar each year. Thanks for the wishes anyway.