Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines day and lovely silly goals and wishes

So I've always wanted to be able to send someone I liked romantically flowers on Valentines day. I know it's perhaps silly that this has been a huge dream/goal, but it has been. I have wanted to send more than receive them in return. This year my dream has happened! I'm a bit in shock actually.

I've never been all that anti-valentines day. I know there is a lot of commercialism and stuff, but I have a strong romantic bent to me and even though I've been single my parents give me presents and sometimes my friends and I do stuff on that day. This valentines day I woke up like it was my birthday. AND I am also pondering how cool this first idea is below. :)

Two cool Valentines day things!

First, last night I was reading hollywoodfarmgirl's post. She's not at all into Valentines day due to it's commercialism, HOWEVER she has a great idea. She said :
i'll do an anonymous, random act of kindness for someone on behalf of honey today, and call that her gift from me. we love to anonymously pay the meal bills for nice strangers who sit next to us in restaurants. maybe something like that would be a good v-day gift to her.
Isn't that a great idea? I think that gurrilla love art and random acts of kindness would be fast friends! Sounds like something that I would hear at or in this kindness in unexpected places post or the luvnotes4u blog. (What it's V-day so I'm doing a little link love) :)

Secondly, Michael's Valentines Day post included this really creative video that his web friend Alexander made for his "valentine". Let's give him props! I was really impressed. :) Don't you feel the love?


Michael said...

Erm...Allie isn't his girlfriend...Yet! Today she's just his Valentine.

Alexander Dietz said...

First of all, thanks for the revlog.

Second of all, I don't want to post it on my own blog because my mom reads it and I would never hear the end of it (I just showed it to Michael on Google Talk). The video link is here.

And third of all, what Michael said. If she were my girlfriend, then I probably wouldn't think that much of asking her out.

Zuzu said...

Did she send you a valentine!?! - Me

titration said...

Yes... but I have not seen it yet. There was some delivery issue with it getting to me even though she sent it on Monday... so hopefully it will come this coming Monday. No idea the issue. I'll update all when said item arrives.