Friday, February 15, 2008

Too much reading to do!

Today is when working full time, being a student, and being "O so very distracted" piles on me and throws me to the floor. I am not opposed to being thrown to the floor, but I really have something very different in mind about that, and it doesn't necessarily involve books and papers.

I haven't done all of my reading for my counseling of men class, I have to edit a paper that I wrote last night on how my family influenced my career choice, and I am going to be in the second weekend of career counseling class today from 3 p.m. to sometime in the evening, all day tomorrow, and all day Sunday! I think it way weird that a Catholic school has scheduled a class on Sunday but I guess it's the only way to make up for it.

Although I am looking forward to discussion this weekend. The books we are talking about are "Hand-me-down Dreams" by Mary H. Jacobsen AND "Let your life Speak" by Parker Palmer and the Palmer book is one of my top three favorite books ever! I love it. It rocks my world.

So if I visit the computer lab this weekend during break you may hear from me, but otherwise I doubt it.


Meghan Nelson said...

Can I sit by you in class since I didn't read anything? :)

titration said...

totally! :)

Casdok said...

If you fancy a party pop over to mine and bring a bottle!!

Michael said...

I have a procrastination problem.