Friday, February 1, 2008

Blizzard and Thyme

There is a crazy lot of snow here right now. I wasn't going to go into work because my folks were here, but work was canceled so I didn't need to anyway. My parents just left so now I am cuddled up in my warm house blogging and planning on watching the Simpsons movie.

The parent visit went well. And I think they are less afraid I have become some weird person they don't know. I still have all the same friends a ton of whom they re-met. My friends and coworkers still talk well of me to my parents. I hope they realize after this weekend my coming out is not as scary as they think. I didn't move any book etc. that was in my house, not that I had much.

I think we pretty much ran out of things to "small talk" about by the time they left this morning so the amount of time they spent was perfect. I took them to a fancy high tea where there was a harpist, which they loved. We went to a grocery store that they don't have where they live. And this morning we went to breakfast at the Scando restaurant down the street. I think that I knew half the people in the restaurant. Four people from work were there. What do people do when work is canceled? If they live close they go out for breakfast. :)

One thing that happened though I thought was funny. My parents (my mom in particular) is into essential oils. I really don't know what to think of it. But, last night before we went to sleep my mom insisted we all put Thyme essential oils on the bottom of our feet because it helps stop people from snoring. It may have sortof helped. I'm not quite sure. Has anyone else ever heard of this? It's such a weird thing to do.


Casdok said...

Glad to hear your parents visit wasnt to bad. Cant say i have heard of the snoring thing though!

JJ said...

My mom is totally into those homeopathic remedies too. Never heard about that snoring thing... but have you heard of the lavender thing? It's very 'relaxing'... When I was living in Ireland, and sharing a room with a friend, he put lavender oils all around the room and we slept for about 14 hours... it was nuts.