Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bambi is everywhere!

I'm still blogging about my silent retreat. We saw deer everywhere running all over the place. And this one in the picture ran right through the conference center area. I caught a shot of it mid run.

Other years I have hoped to see deer. I have taken long walks wondering if I would see many. It was special. This year they are in half my photos.I like the life that's running around in my silence lately. For me deer running around to be encountered everywhere in the silence, in the deep woods, and right next to me prancing through winter snow is a metaphor for joy and life.

What is running around in your silence lately?


Meghan Nelson said...

From Animal Spirit Guides by Farmer:

If DEER shows up, it means:
-- You've been involved in some aggressive, negative circumstances and need to seek out safe, nurturing situations and people.
-- More than ever, you need to trust your gut instinct.
-- You're poised for an enticing adventure, one that will take you down many different paths and lead to many important insights.
-- Be gentle with yourself and others.

Zuzu said...

deer eat my roses.

titration said...

zuzu!!!!!! Woo hoo. hi. :)

meghan... interesting! I don't think I've been involved in any aggressive negative circumstances.... However I am I think poised for an enticing adventure. ;) And I do want to be gentle with myself and others!


Anonymous said...

Deer are great !

Michael said...

Finding deer on retreats is a treat and a half.