Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

I know how unoriginal. :) So I am currently sitting in bed at 8-something after having not gotten home until 2-something. I am tired, but my theory is that if I am tired then I will go to bed early tonight, and will be back on schedule for work in the morning. That's my theory anyway.

The party last night was super fun and it got me out of a chunk of my funk (I just like to say that phrase) although I can still feel a tiny bit of my sadness. There were about 20-something (I'm into approximates today) people there and I knew 95% of them. It feels so good to be at a party where I know so many people and adore them. Many of the people there are from that integrate small group I've talked about before. They are people who are safe and care about me and who I care about. I seriously dig them! Another advantage of being with such utterly safe people is that I don't have my normal awkwardness of what to do with myself at parties. I even danced at this party which let's just say I don't normally do. Plus, I met this super cool lesbian couple who came in for the event. It was a good night!

Now I'm going to stay here in bed, drink coffee and journal about the year. Um. maybe.

Things that help: Parties with phenomenal people!

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Casdok said...

Good to hear you had a great party!
Chunk of my funk, havent heard that one before - must be getting old!!
Enjoy your lay in!!