Saturday, December 15, 2007

Non-christmas gifts and thoughts on that Staples blogging event

I'm getting all kinds of gifts and they aren't even christmas gifts. Which I might add is totally weird to get non-christmas gifts around christmas. I love it anyway.

I was sent home from LA with the following: Really good coffee, avocados (from someone's back yard), homemade tortillas, a book called "Simple Blessings", and an "In-n-Out Burger" T-shirt. And when I got back I also found in the mail the ACG Nike Fleece that was part of my going to that blogger event a while back.

This blogging event was to show us bloggers tech gifts from Staples. Now here's the thing. I'm a mac girl. If it was a mac event I would be gushing! And the tech items they had (with the exception of the picture frame) I already own or don't need. Same with my family. Computers (yes), gps units (yes), digital cameras (yes)... And let's face it the prices on tech gifts are high so you really only buy these things for yourself or significant others.

So the lack of gifts from Staples that fit me right made me feel a little funny getting this great fleece and eating their free food. But it was educational. I think I might want to do this kind of event to get people to blog about the website I work for. The idea of the event was fabulous, and really it was a good effort on Staples part. I probably should say I did like this electronic picture frame as a potential idea for my parents. It's a little pricey (like $149.00), but cool. You can put any kind of electronic pictures in it, and it shows them as a slide show.

Ironically the gift they gave me for attending, an ACG Nike Fleece is what I loved most. It made me want to go to a running, nike etc. blogging event. I'm not a fantastic runner but I do run and like it. Usually to this amazing podcast called podrunner. Anyway, the fleece I got doesn't look like any of the fleeces on that page I linked to at Nike but I wanted to give them some link love anyway since I am grateful for the free and fabulous fleece. In fact it is so comfortable, warm, and soft I almost wanted to sleep in it.

So in spite of my anti-materialism bent I am doing what I don't always love "bragging on a seller". Deal with it!

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jen lemen said...

this is so funny. i was just thinking about you and our big hair chat and i check in and it's this! :) i'm glad you got the fleece and being a mac girl, i completely understand. hope your soul is well.