Thursday, December 13, 2007

I go to LA and my favorite part is the coffee

I am currently sitting in bed using wifi at my host's house writing this. Soon we will leave for more training. (after I get dressed). I totally dig this whole having wifi and blogging in bed thing!

So yesterday we wandered through Universal Studios city walk. We barely made it into a few stores with time for me to buy some random trinkets. Training I think is going well and this time staying in someone's house is far better than a hotel. And wow, they make good coffee. The perfect host is one that either loves coffee as much as me, or lives next to a coffee shop.

Let's discuss good coffee. I am a Starbucks addict, but that may change a bit. We've been drinking a blend of Cuban coffee here and it's sooooo good. The people I am staying with used to live where I do. And they said there is a little Cuban store by me that sells coffee like we are drinking for $5-something a pound (which is way cheap). It is supposed to taste just like the stuff they get here in LA at this absolutely stunning Cuban bakery. I am going to have to hook myself up. :)

O also, the people I am staying with also bought me an "In and Out burger" t-shirt.


Zuzu said...

I've always found both Starbucks and Peets to taste a bit too acidic. In our little town of 7,000, we have our own coffee roastery... best coffee on the planet! - Zu

Lynnae said...

In our little town we have 2 coffee roasters. One's right by my house. :)

I'm so jealous of your happy travels. Yay for you!

just me - titration said...

Lynnae do you mean our like where I live too? Lets go find them! :)