Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Yes that is a chocolate Santa next to chocolate boobs

Here are some random unrelated observations and thoughts and a picture from Brugge. First though, yes that is a chocolate santa and chocolate boobs in a Christmas display. Only in Europe! (click on it to see a bigger picture)

There are women everywhere in Belgium and Holland (all Europe?) who are wearing tall boots that go up to their knees and these cute knee length skirts. I totally love the look and am going to need to do the same. So cute.

I was brave!
I have been a little bit fearful about traveling on my own and messing up and not knowing the right way to be in this country. Today I traveled by myself. At one point I did get on the wrong train going the wrong direction. In the end I figured it out and now I'm a bit less scared here. Have I mentioned I've never traveled on my own before in another country that wasn't English speaking?

Self learning:
Besides the major conversations j and I have post Amsterdam....I learned that when by myself in a new town I generally decide where to shop or eat (eg., picking between the 2000 lace stories in Brugge) based solely on liking the worker or the vibe. Also I just realized while in Brugge I don't really love the really old 1800's European paintings of Jesus and Mary etc. Just not my thing. Eastern Orthodox Icons however they are even older and I love those!

Confusing gaydar:
Not that I have gaydar! But there are a lot of European women who look butch but they aren't gay.

Today I bought $40.00 in chocolate!
Really really good high end chocolate and I was in the chocolate museum. Some of you are really glad you know me now aren't you?

I got a new orange shirt
in Amsterdam that I tried on today for the first time and it is my new most favorite shirt EVER! See facebook, flikr. I love it!


Zuzu said...

Did you say chocolate? I'm pretty sure I'm your closest living relative.. er... right? heh. Sounds like an awesome adventure!!! - Zu

just me - titration said...

grinning! yes zuzu your chocolate is coming... :)