Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sick in France....the adventure continues

I am still in france. I was supposed to leave tonight but I got very sick. In fact I really do not ever remember being this sick before. I do not tend to get sick much. I threw up four times in a cute little French restaurant, among other things. I did laundry because all my clothes smelled. Luckily the people I am staying with are really wonderful and I hope to feel better tomorrow. I have also been feeling light headed. Tomorrow I shall brave travel again. I am out a chunk of change because I could not handle the trains today packed as they are because of the strike. I did not want to get sick in a train of wall to wall people. Or for that matter faint.

I did get great pictures though of what I did see before I got sick!


Anonymous said...

Oh,honey! I'm sorry your trip hasn't started out as well as planned. I guess it can only get better...?!


Anonymous said...

I'll leave a comment on you're trip up here. Reading this brought to mind the time when my family lived overseas and flew back stateside for Christmas. The pilot took us right through some severe turbulence and made everyone on the plane start throwing up. It was lousy and miserable. Being sick and traveling is not fun. It took two days to recover and start enjoying the trip. Hope you feel better.


just me - titration said...

thanks for the cheerleading. Yeah being sick was yucky!