Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Fingersmith" upset me because I didn't watch the whole thing

Yep I am a dork. That movie "Fingersmith" upset me so because I only watched half of it! I had no idea there was more. I thought that it was done. I was fuming about why anyone would make a movie that ended so badly. I hadn't expected it to end with so much angst and grief. I didn't think it was that type of movie. And I was right. It doesn't end like that. There's a second part to it which somehow I missed. I saw the credits and thought it was done. But really that was only the first half.

So having found this out last night at about 9ish p.m. I rushed to the closest bookstore and bought the book. Yes "Fingersmith" the book (and I'm sure the movie if I had watched the whole thing) is great.

So for those of you who couldn't figure out why I was so upset there you have it. I thought the it ended when they took her away to the insane asylum and I was not one bit pleased by that.


Anonymous said...

Yup, I was wondering why you thought the ending to "Fingersmith" was so horrible. I really liked the ending. Don't feel bad. Have you ever seen "Tipping the Velvet"? Well it has three parts and they go in order apparently. Silly me didn't realize this and played Part 3 first. So I saw the end before seeing the beginning, which was kind of confusing and I was wondering why I couldn't follow what was going on so well. When I went back and watched the first two parts, it all made much more sense. hehe :)


JJ said...


In your defense, it is a miniseries, so the credits do seem like an ending... but they are only the ending of the first part of the miniseries.


Dawn said...

Then I also have only seen the first part and I hated it because of that. Now I need to watch it again.
Dang -glad to know.

just me - titration said...

ms26, jj, and dawn:

I was just sitting chuckling to myself for a time while reading your comments. I'm glad (dawn) I'm not the only one who does this type of thing! :)