Sunday, November 11, 2007

The cute little family in church today

So this morning in church there was this bi-racial lesbian couple with four African American children, two boys and two girls. They sat right in front of me. To be perfectly honest it made me a bit teary because I thought it was so cool they were there. I loved being in church more because they were there. They were so cute! The bit more butch looking les had her arm around the more fem les through the whole service. And it was fun to watch them with the kids, both reaching out from time to time to whoever was squirming, holding them or helping them.... I felt so grateful to worship with them.

I kept thinking about how I don't know any other church I've ever gone to where such a family could come in and sit in the front row and be grinned at because they were so adorable, instead of gawked at because they were a lesbian couple. I also do not know their story (of course) but they way they worshiped made me wonder if they, like many people at this church, have been burned by the church.

And to be perfectly honest it made me want to be a cute lesbian family in church. Although I do not want four kids that young! Yikes. :) I also wanted to hug them all and give them presents and tell them how amazing they are (even though I don't know them at all). Instead I just said hi and met the little family and grinned at them.

Yeah, forgive my over-gushing but they were so beautiful.

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