Friday, October 26, 2007

Prayer outsourced to India?

This mornings conversation at work involved topics of: how you can get a little vile of holy water from tele-evangelists that has been blessed when you give them money, drinking holy water (you are supposed to sprinkle it I guess, a co-worker thought you drank it) , the funny McCommunion kits pastors sometimes use (there are wine and wafers in little plastic containers)... Somewhere at the end of this a co-worker said what I heard as "Tele-evangelists are now outsourcing their pray call centers to India". And I thought he was telling the truth for a minute. He wasn't. But after we figured out he was joking we started imagining what it would be like to call a call center for prayer in India. I'm not sure if it was appropriate or not, people started coming up with "Press one for" options in the accent of Abu from the Simpson's

My favorite one was: How may we pray for you? After all the: please press one for conversational prayer, press two for charismatic prayer, there would this one

"For silent prayer, please hang up."

... p.s. speaking for outsourcing prayer to India I would like to "press 5 for prayer for talking to your parents about being gay."


Cheryl said...

Good thoughts coming your way for you AND your parents tomorrow.

Daphne said...

I am so so sorry for randomly jumping out of the shadows where I've been lurking but I just needed to say that it's a "vial" of holy water and not a "vile" of holy water (unless you were making an evilish pun or some grand statement about the evils of organized religion in which case I humbly apologize and slink back to my dark, damp corner)

just me - titration said...

cheryl... thanks!!!!!!!!

daphne... i dig that you jumped out of the shadows. And the word vile instead of vial was an accident but now I think it's kindof funny. But I might go change it.

Maybe we should find you some shadowy place besides a dark damp corner. Like a dimmly lit wine bar or something.

Lisa said...

I work for a missionary-sending organization and for our monthly communion services, we use the McCommunion apparatus. *GAG RETCH* The liquid inside tastes like grape juice, chemical and a bad sneeze, somehow. I think even Jesus would be offended. (is that sacreligious?) :-)