Thursday, October 4, 2007

The negative image of chrstianity

A friend of mine emailed me this article today and this quote caught my attention. It's from a new study of how Christianity’s image is slipping. (book, entitled unChristian, by David Kinnaman).
Today, the most common perception is that present-day Christianity is "anti-homosexual." Overall, 91% of young non-Christians and 80% of young churchgoers say this phrase describes Christianity. As the research probed this perception, non-Christians and Christians explained that beyond their recognition that Christians oppose homosexuality, they believe that Christians show excessive contempt and unloving attitudes towards gays and lesbians. One of the most frequent criticisms of young Christians was that they believe the church has made homosexuality a "bigger sin" than anything else. Moreover, they claim that the church has not helped them apply the biblical teaching on homosexuality to their friendships with gays and lesbians.
[Read the entire article from barna group here]

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