Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day two at the conference

I am currently blogging while sitting in a room of about 20 white men. I am the only woman. We all have laptops out and 90% of us are multitasking. I have been in the less technical, more design track for most of this, but now am here to see if I can learn a thing or two about... O, another woman has just arrived. Woo hoo. And no neither of us are nerdy looking, in any way. (just to dispel any female techno-geek stereo types). O, and if you are also a techno geek I'm currently learning about javascript and YUI (the yahoo user interface).

I love techno geeks although on the continuum of techno geekhood I am pretty low geek, I like css, html, most programs, but am not a coder. In fact I really don't like coding and this is totally to my detriment vocationally. I have no fear of techno speak but right now I understand only about 1/3 of the what they are talking about. I'm going to go switch seminars.

I also LOVE staying in a hotel. I know it is something that would get less exciting if I did it more, but I only go on two or three business like trips a year at the most so it's still exciting.

OOooo. I just met this woman from Amsterdam in my seminar. Which is great since I'll be there (and other places) for thanksgiving. She's been advising me where to go. Woo hoo... How convenient!

O I have a post I'm working on regarding stuff I have thought through regarding talking with my folks. I'll post that later.


Cheryl said...

Female techno-geeks rule... no matter where you fall on the spectrum! Doesn't get much better than a woman who does NOT say "I don't know a thing about computers," and then swoons with the vapors. :)

Looking forward to the parent post. Hope it wasn't too painful

Sarah said...

I am loving html these days through a class I am taking at school. Makes me feel super cool the more I learn. We just learned about java script applets and tables and lists. It's also honestly helping me vocationally.

Liadan said...

I'm the same way. I love HTML/CSS because they're more visual, but the back-end stuff stops me short. I'd like to learn some PHP/My SQL, though, if only to make my gallery site cleaner.

just me - titration said...

Um. Maybe I should turn this into a techno-geek blog instead. :) O and liadan we did have an SQL seminar. Which is cool and all, I just can't figure out how my workplace would actually use it. I was the most into a seminar which adapted collaboration systems.

Zuzu said...

Ed keeps saying that I should get the two of you connected. He's a geek too. I think mostly he programs in PHP/MySQL/PERL, blah, blah, blah. And he did a lot in the "Zend" platform. You ever looking for freelance/consulting work? I keep promising I'll hook the two of you up via email and then I forget (my bad.)