Friday, October 19, 2007

Conference day 3

For some reason you all commented on my conference post....(seemed to bring you technogirls out). Curious.

First, I am at the WebGUI conference. It is an open source (read free!) content management system, AND it's by far the best one that exists. To determine this, I spent almost a year researching open source content management systems (cms). Trust me on this people! (What is a cms you ask? This blog is, in fact all blogs are, but there are tons of other types). Just google it.

Here's some more random thoughts.
  1. Static websites are totally out. No one should be just uploading (ftping) static html content onto the internet anymore (companies I mean - just to take my foot out of my mouth - see comments). Don't do it! Hopefully you all know this.
  2. Granted I'm lazy about re-inventing the wheel but, really, don't go coding new stuff if it already exists! Save some time and just use the good stuff and adapt that! Making things from scratch is for cooking and art.
  3. Non-profits (particularly christian ones, churches etc.) that use pay content management systems are not being very good stewards of their money when there are great free versions out there. Dumb Dumb Dumb. The last conference I was at was for christian publications and there was a certain organization that paid thousands and thousands of dollars for what we got for free. (Don't do it!) WWJD?
  4. Another random thing...I'm at a tech conference. You would think there would be lesbians here. So far I'm 0 for 4 on the women I've talked to. The one woman who walked into the all male (really really technical) seminar has a wedding ring, a gay vibe in a "shane from the L word" way, but a ring. The Amsterdam chick talked about her boyfriend. The environmental agency techno-chicks sitting behind me: one talked about her recent boyfriend break-up and the other one hasn't said a thing yet, so she's still an unknown. The rest of the women here (less than ten) I have not talked with so I have no clue.
My final comment is if you are going to design a conference t-shirt (swag) with only one placement of your company art/logo on it, you may not want to place it on the back between the shoulder blades. I have pretty long hair so right now it just looks like I'm wearing a black t-shirt. My hair entirely hides the logo. Dumb. They designed it for boys!


Liadan said...

>>Static websites are totally out. No one should be just uploading (ftping) static html content onto the internet anymore. Don't do it! Hopefully you all know this.<<

... *whistles and pushes website out of sight with her foot*

Also, in theory any of those women could well be bisexual. And wedding-ring woman could well be married to a woman.

just me - titration said...

LOL.... And let me take my foot out of my mouth!

liadan you of course are a very special exception. And really I am talking companies and non-profit organizations not individuals. :) As in my non-profit used to have ME edit and post (ftp) content online for about 20 some different sub-websites. I was a bottleneck! Now they all can edit and post their own content while I manage how they do this and their design I don't have to actually do the posting! Trust me this is a REALLY good thing!