Sunday, August 26, 2007

The neighborhood deserves an ice cream cone

Today the good people of the world are making the neighborhood feel proper.

For blocks it smells like fresh cut grass. There is a family of five cleaning out their garrage, rolling up tents, organizing, and sweeping it out. Ten orthodox Jews walk past on their way home from synagogue in black suits, brimed hats, with sideburns and tassels. They are careful not to look at me as it's the sabbath. One says, "And I yelled 'father of Abraham' ".

I see a Muslim woman in full hajab walking down the street, carrying her laundry in a basket home. I can only see her eyes, she is all in black but her laundry is white. And a man pushes his son on a bike.

And I wonder what they are all thinking. And I want to pat them on the head and give them ice cream cones.

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Lynnae said...

oh lovely! Truly truly.