Friday, August 24, 2007

Cleaning out the street drain in a skirt

Before I get to how I spent my evening last night... Zuzu, do you remember when you hired someone to do lawn work, and he asked you to make the check out to the local liquor store? Do you think that the fact that I just asked a freelance web design gig to pay me in Starbucks gift cards is the same thing? I know I should be supporting local coffee shops.

This was how I spent part of my evening last night. :)

I went home to see the street in front of my house full of water. That is the driveway.

I was so fearful that my place would flood (again) that I didn't even take time to get out of my work clothes. I just walked right into it. (It was really gross).

I took this gunk out of the drain. And heard loud swooshing noises.

This is the drain after a big swoosh of water went down it.

AND my place did not flood.



Lynnae said...

you saved the day!

Zuzu said...

I DO think it is the same thing... especially since you vowed to cut down on Starbucks.... addict! - Zu

just me said...

LOL. Yes I really do need to cut down. I only went twice this week. Hmm.