Monday, August 20, 2007

Bugs and Spiders

In my post a couple days ago I mentioned spiders and Annie Dillard. I did so because I saw four (all different). This morning I was listening to NPR on the radio and it was a story about one of the worst prison's in America (in Louisiana) because of the hurricane damage. This guy was talking on the radio about how he had to sleep on the cement floor and got an infected spider bite. While listening, a HUGE centipede ran across the floor.

So I killed it. Then I killed three baby spiders. I don't care if Annie Dillard can live for months with a spider in the corner and respect it. I cannot. I am not all that freaked out by bugs, but the rain and the fact that I live in a basement (garden) apartment has caused me to see more than my fair share of spiders this month. Luckily no ants. In the winter there are never any bugs and then I get back my warm fussy feelings about my apartment. But this month I am not a fan of where I live. Even if it's cute.

One of the spiders I didn't kill, but drove away, was outside. She had built the largest web I've seen ever. It stretched all the way across my door from the top corner to 1/4 down it. I had to knock it down to get to work. She went flying off somewhere and I don't know where she went. Alas. these are my apartment woe's.

On the up-side though I have a great place to live, lots of space all to myself, and a red painted wall. And I do love how cosy it is in the winter. I am ready for fall!


Zuzu said...

The spiders here are crazy big compared to what I remember from the midwest. Did I ever send you a pic of the Marge Simpson spider? I have one in my agapanthas as I type... they're totally the size of Manhattan. - Zuzu

just me said...

Um no I think I would have remembered a picture like that. Send it.