Friday, July 13, 2007

Trying to see if my RSS feed is working...

So just to totally bore you to tears I had posts set up so I could do expandable posts. But I learned that they were a bit of a hassle and kept putting "read more" links into each post even when I didn't want them to. And I didn't want to fix them so I just took all that junk out of the template. Now things aren't showing up in the RSS feed. And this drives me CRAZY because I use google reader and a lot of people do as well. So I'm just writing this to see if this post shows up in my rss feed.

Do you use google reader? (life hacker on how to get started on google reader) If not it's a whole lot of fun. I have 72 blogs organized so I can watch all of them in one glance. And yes if you have a blog you are my favorite.

To make this post a bit more interesting here's some random quotes I once found. I can't remember where they came from... If I stole these from you I am sorry, tell me who you are so I can add some credit!
You teach people how to treat you – and I was not giving a very good lesson up to that point.

If you have to fight with people to accept what you are giving as an act of love; they are not worthy.

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Zuzu said...

I think your stuff is showing up in my google reader... - Zu