Monday, July 9, 2007

No drama: does saying that really help?

Granted this is a stupid post, but it's my curiosity of the day. Lately I've noticed a ton of people saying "no drama" online and in newspapers? What is up with that? It's about as useful as putting one of those magnetic ribbons on your car to support a cause. Does it change anyone or anything? Does it really stop a person who is drama from emailing you or talking to you?

Are there really people out there who seek out drama (emotional relational drama)? I seriously doubt it. And what person in the throws of being a drama queen or king really get's that they are "drama"? And in the rare chance that they do (like below) are they able to stop? I am entirely baffled by the whole thing. Is saying "no drama" a futile gesture?

While looking around I determined that the phrase "no drama" is everywhere. In music, on blogs, and even as a user name. It all makes me wonder why? Why this why now?

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JJ said...

I actually had a friend use the expression "no more drama" the day I read this post! Unfortunate, because it made me laugh when she was trying to be serious. It is, really, a silly thing to say.