Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A new class of people: Bridge people

I think there should be a whole class of people called bridge people. These would be people that bridge different chasms and valleys between people, groups, and worlds. They would be translators and tour guides able to travel to and from, in and out of all worlds comfortably. I found this picture of a woman walking kids across a bridge. She looks looks kindof like a cool bridge person. :)

Let me just list some examples of what bridge people could do. They could:
  • translate all languages and cultural mores into other languages and cultural mores,
  • translate mini-cultural divides like young tech geek speak (which is me) to parental technophobia speak,
  • they could chaperon people across ideological divides like republican to democrat... (and vice-versa),
  • guide people across the gay to straight river basin,
  • Point out items of interest on the bridge between various religious canyon's and gorge's
    eg. like evangelical christian canyon and the grand canyon,
  • Across racial ravine's they could go back and forth between one racial group and another, explaining things like systematic racism and privilege, adding new boards to the bridge to complete it.
  • And on and on!
As far as the gully that is in me, this bridge person could say: "This is the 'coming out' bridge crossing tour. You will experience the following on this tour: fluctuating emotions from joy to anger, a view of people that you have never seen before as they react to you and your story.... These are the stops on this tour, the 'know yourself stop, the tell your friends stop... The improving self esteem and finding support and sustenance stop is highly recommended. This bridge has a steep incline particularly if you started your journey low in the evangelical canyon. Or this bridge closes and raises from time to time when boats of 'time and space rations' come through. You will feel fear or sadness when you cross the first 50 feet of this bridge. Or from this bridge you have a rare view of one of the most amazing wonders in the world.

I think on this journey I know some bridge people. :)

Um. Maybe this would be a good time to mention I’ve had a slight phobia of bridges for the last few years. It started really small about six years ago and then just grew. I think that I knew unconsciously years ago that there were life bridges up ahead I needed or need to cross, hence my anxiety of crossing actual bridges. I've been paying attention to my fear when driving over bridges lately and its started to get a bit less.


M said...

I too have a fear of bridges. My last campus had a bridge in the middle of it that I would avoid as often as possible.

However, I'd like to think of myself as a bridge person, with my gay Christian work. Also my co-worker says I'm good at translating technological stuff to her. *laugh*

Zuzu said...

While I think having bridge people might be "comforting" - I feel it would take the risk, mystery and excitement of discovery from out lives - that place where we learn to be our own bridge people, walk with ourselves, steady ourselves by the weight of our lives, come to know that where ever we're going, it's going to be fine - we have the metal of what it takes. I sort of think that if we had bridge people, we'd never really find out what we're made of.

just me said...

M, thanks for sharing. :) I am right now on the phone as tech support for someone. Don't you love multi-tasking.

zuzu, you are so damn wise! Yes it was very comforting to have you as a bridge person... AND you are so right we do need to be our own bridge people. Hmmm. I am finding what I'm made of these days though yes. In a way I wouldn't have otherwise.

just me said...

O M, I said that about multi-tasking because I am currently translating tech stuff while blogging.

And I really wonder what that bridge phobia is related too. Well I don't think it's a phobia because I don't avoid bridges I just get anxious crossing them.

Brian said...

Saw your comment on Crafty's blog about haiku.

I like your post here, I believe that many if not most bloggers are bridge people. I enjoy meeting new people and reaching out to others.

just me said...

Hey Brian thanks for the visit. :) Bloggers as bridge people is an interesting idea...