Saturday, July 21, 2007

My SARK and Harry Potter weekend

I am having a fully SARK weekend. Basically this means I am doing things that I love by myself. Sark is a huge advocate of doing things like going out to dinner or to a movie by yourself. Kind of like a date with yourself. She also talks about traveling by yourself.

Lately I've realized if there's no one around I've been staying home watching movies. This weekend I am having none of that. I am having a Juicy, Succulent Wild Woman weekend.

To kick off my SARK weekend last night I went to the lake by myself and sat on a blanket watching the waves crash. I finished reading a fluff mystery book until it started getting cold. I watched the kids play and a couple making out. And I let the waves tell me stories. It was glorious.

Then I went to an independent bookstore that was having a Harry Potter party. There's a girl who works at this bookstore that's super cute. I think everyone likes her. I watched her help kids go on a scavenger hunt and signed up to get a Harry Potter book at midnight.

While waiting for midnight (when they were going to hand out the pre-purchased books) I went to a little coffee shop and read the rest of "Stone Butch Blues". I loved the book. It's changed how I see the world, and especially how I see the LGBT community. I drank tons of cups of coffee and ate very decedent German chocolate cake. It was wonderful. The waitresses were lovely. I watched people come in and out in Harry Potter wear. I asked about the butter beer they were serving (from the Harry Potter book). I should have tried some but I was already drinking too much coffee.

Then at about 11:45 p.m. I walked down the street and sat on the sidewalk with all the other people and watched costumed Potter fans walk around. I felt content. I liked just being around the crowd looking at all of them. Usually when I am with someone I am thinking too much about them to notice who is around me. There were some fantastic costumes. It was like a street party and everyone was friendly. Finally I got through the long line, got my book, and went home.

This morning I continue my Sark weekend reading the new Harry Potter book at another coffee shop. It is a very lovely day and thus far a very fun SARK weekend.

If you haven't checked out any books by SARK you should. I highly recommend them! See all her books here or see the specific book I'm referring to Succulent Wild Woman here.


Christine Bakke said...

Oh my gosh!!!

How freaky!

I decided to take a break from serious blogging today because I started reading the "Succulent" SARK book last night! I'd never read/seen it before but found it at a thrift store.


I am really exhausted lately because of everything I'm involved with, and I enjoyed just looking at pictures of my kitties today. I do have some work to do, but I'm going to try to take more breaks.

I am loving the SARK stuff...I wish I'd known about her before. I have a lot of catching up to do.

just me said...

That is wild... :) Yep SARK is a good find.

JJ said...

Jealous of your Harry Potter festivities! I was at a party last night and so couldn't be at the bookstores for the celebrations (or Butterbeer! I really want to find out what that would be like...) I did buy the book this morning at 11:30... it's 4:30 AM right now and I've just finished... good times.

just me said...

jj - Don't tell me yet how it ends I'm trying to savor it since this is the last one! However I'm not really great at reading any fiction slow so you will more than likely find me following your lead and being up until 4:30 a.m.!