Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's Harry Potter's fault that I was late to work

So if you are one of my co-workers I was late and I blame harry potter. It's because I finished Harry Potter really late last night. Wish I could remember my dreams they were good. Anyway, then this morning I overslept and slammed my hand in a door. Alas. I did however go to Starbucks on the way. Always a happy thing. Yes I cried why reading one particular page of Harry Potter. And now I can join in on the conversation that has ensued everywhere here. I do work with a ton of fans. :)

Since I am late that's all I'm saying about that. One more thing however for today I want to catalog here. A friend of mine, mvl introduced me to a fantastic book/site the other day. It's called Praying in Color. I introduce it to you. Because art has been so important lately for me it's the kind of prayer book I think I'd like. I haven't purchased it yet but I plan on it. :)


M said...

Thanks for that book idea! I might be buying it, really soon. I've wanted to keep track of my prayers more, so I can stop saying, "God, you haven't fixed my family thing yet" and start focusing on what he does fix.

And Harry Potter? Only *amazing*. Loved it.

JJ said...

OOh, so glad you finished it... it's an awesome book... and yes, I cried as well. Glad you enjoyed it.

just me said...

jj me too. Yep M and JJ. It was really good. A co-worker of mine keeps talking about all these christian themes/things like the christmas singing in the church stopping the snake from coming around. And biblical verses on the grave stones. Curious.