Monday, June 4, 2007

Random Thoughts

My friend a.e. writes a lot in bullet points, even for her journal. I tried it once. It works for some days. Perhaps days like today?
  • Was at Starbucks by 7:00 a.m. They got rid of the flavor Valencia. I was sad. I wrote them letters. And I had my friend b write them too. Now they have orange. So today I tried an orange mocha and that new orange coffee cake stuff. It's actually pretty good. I've decided not to be mad at them for getting rid of Valencia. Even though it is a better flavor.
  • This weekend I watch Stomp the Yard and Better than Chocolate. What a crazy mix of movies! I liked Stomp the Yard a lot. But, Better than Chocolate was a bit of a let down. "y" kept telling me I needed to see it. It was ok but my favorite as far as lesbian films is still "Saving Face".
  • I told another friend I'm gay last night. She paid for dinner. More interesting however though was talking about how her parents (who are my next door neighbors) saw and chatted with former president Bill Clinton in Norway a week ago. I guess her mom waved hi across the street and he crossed the street to shake their hands.
  • Been thinking about this quote below and the comments after this blog post by zuzu here.
In healthy relating, we connect but do not attach. We can only really possess what does not possess us... We attach and therby do not have. The second irony is the more we rely on someone for security the less secure we feel. - David Richo
  • I purchased the Happy Feet soundtrack and have been listening to it a lot. It's a fun soundtrack. I recommend it. :)


~Deb said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. My question would be, did she pay for dinner because you were so open with her............or.......... (hehe) The only reason why I ask that, is because when I used to come out to my close 'girlfriends', they would always treat me like a guinea pig, in hopes of a 'relation' for experimental reasons.

Hope I didn't offend you, but I've experienced that with my friends, which was kinda' like, "Ew, you're like my sister!" But, it happens. I could be wrong.

How's it feel coming out little by little? Do you feel that most people are accepting? Or are you noticing more and more, who your true friends really are?

just me said...

O, interesting! She told me a story about how a woman took her out for dinner when she got divorced. I think that might be why she bought me dinner.

Yeah the whole coming out thing... so far it's either been great and I've felt totally loved on or it's been polite, the kind of polite that makes me nervous. I find the evangelicals I hang out with tend to stay somewhat connected but distance a bit. No guinea pig moments. Which I'm almost sad about. Sometimes I feel like I must be the only lesbian in my denomination... not true but it feels like it sometimes.

And nope you didn't offend. And yes I'm finding out who my true friends are. It's so fascinating how people respond!

~Dawn said...

Saving Face was a wonderful movie! BtC was ok to me, I was more interested in the relationship between the mother and the MtF and wished they would have delved into that more.