Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Part II: The family who's child just came out

(Part I was yesterday's post just below this.) Last night I took out "c"'s daughter "h" for coffee. She just finished her freshman year in college. It was good, and to be honest a bit ego boosting. "H" said that she needed to see a christian who was on this journey who she respects and that I was the first she's seen. She is really struggling with her faith and how to keep it. It seems this is one of the biggest hurtles to jump when it comes to evangelicals who come out.

I heard in her the same stuff I've talked about on this blog. She has felt (although maybe our conversation changed it) that she has to choose to be herself and "sin" or keep her faith/religion. And she has chosen to be herself. So we swapped stories. And I told her about books she could read and tried in some way to say she might need to understand sin differently but that she doesn't need to throw out her faith.

And I heard about her telling her parents this time from her perspective. It was a good conversation and I think it was helpful for her. And it was certainly educational for me. Now I've heard both sides of the story.

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