Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Poem: Meeting dreams

To continue my collection of poems here's another one from the book "The Persistence of Yellow" which I like and want to file away. It caused me to think "What are my dreams today?" Want to tell me yours? Post them in the comments.

I met my dreams
in a dream last night.

They were whining about
the view, the humidity, the
reckless rooms inside my heart.
“We need room for flight”,
they cried. So I’m deconstructing
my tiny house today.

I’m giving my dreams
the starlight as their steeple,
the uncluttered winds
for their kites.

–Monique Duval (from The Persistence of Yellow)

My dreams today are the following... actually I think they are more like baby dreamlets... To take an improv class, to go swimming soon, to kiss someone again, to grin at people, to have someone who I can send flowers to, and to live in an apartment with hardwood floors.

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