Monday, June 18, 2007

Frick I thought I was done having crushes on straight girls

Had a really great Sunday. Why? Because I spent the entire Sunday morning going to Starbucks with, sitting outside with, sitting in church really close to the girl I've had a mini-crush on for about a year. Frick! She's an engineer, which for a while made me hope she wasn't totally straight.

She says to me while we were walking back from Starbucks, "You are amazing!" I don't care if she's straight having a really cute girl tell you that you are amazing in a gushing kind of way... huge swoon potential. Damn she's cute. And damn she wants to be pastors wife. I almost gave her a feminist talking to on that one. Hell no! Don't be a pastors wife, be the pastor! (I did say that). Or if I was the pastor than she could be the pastor's wife. :) Hee hee.

She invited me to her community group. I would only go to be around her. Probably if I want to date someone, pining away after another straight girl is not a good idea.

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