Monday, June 25, 2007

Bonfires, camping, and traffic

I spent the weekend working, driving to another state, sitting in major traffic, and then camping. My friend bobbie had a going away party which was followed by a huge bonfire and tenting. They burned some random furniture and a door. Now that's a quality rural American bonfire and something one never get's to do in the city. It was great fun with a good chuck of time playing cards and talking about nothing. I think I need to make sure that bonfire's are on my list of top 100 things that make me happy!

Even so, I was so tired and crabby when I got back. I like tenting and such but I didn't sleep very well in the tent this time.

In other news I did write a poem this weekend, but since I got to work late I don't have time to post it. I shall soon though. I really should write more poems. Things get clearer for me sometimes when I do.

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