Friday, May 25, 2007

Memory land and baby bunny's

When I was in Jr. High my youth pastor Mark told this story. On the bus ride back from a retreat one night he got into a conversation with a girl who hated her parents. (BTW I don't hate mine, this is not my story). Anyway. This girl told him all about how hard it was to live with her parents and about all the things that she didn't like. He listened to her for a long time and empathized. Then he told her to go back to her seat and try and think of one good thing about her parents. She went back to her seat and tried but couldn't. He told her it doesn't have to be big just one little tiny thing and he sent her back again to think. Finally she did. And after that she started to think of others. He had some powerful biblical point in this illustration. Whatever it was, the message I've kept with me is the exercise of finding that one good thing. And tonight I was thinking of that story. I'm not sure why, because I can think of lots of good things about my parents and otherwise.

There is more than one good thing so far about being home in spite of the fact that I keep thinking about telling them about me. So here's my list of good things and my continued list of "things that help" when with the family. :)
  1. Hooray the wifi in my folks house (which is in the middle of the woods) is working. Yeah, for having a very technological dad and brother.
  2. Conversations about bears that rumble onto porches, wood ticks, flowers, and baby bunnies that get scared. I have uploaded a picture of one baby bunny (above) that got so scared by something in the woods that it spent about an hour shaking near the side of the house. I went out to take a picture. It didn't even move! I hope it's alive. Super cute. Then of course I had to check for wood ticks. Ug. "t - I figured you would think the bunny was cute so I took a picture for you."
  3. Steaks on the grill. I never get to grill! I was pretty excited.
  4. My dad gave me a coaster that I thought was funny. It says "Jesus loves you but I'm his favorite." Feel free to judge it. But it's better than the "Prayer of Jabez" placard in this room and the books on the table next to me right now like "God's inspirational promise book" by Max Lucado. Everything is christian in my world here.
  5. I brought home the movie "Happy Feet" which we watched part of tonight and will finish tomorrow night. Movies help!
  6. Lastly I need to make a mental note that it's much better to be here in the summer than the winter! There are baby bunnies for example.

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