Thursday, May 17, 2007

The lesbian wine bar was fantastic

So t and b and I went out to the wine bar last night and it was super fun. I would totally recommend it. :) The windows were tinted so you couldn't see inside before you went in but once in the place was super classy. Brick walls and kindof modern and artsy.

The bar tender was amazing, both really hawt (yes t I wrote it like that because you hate it) and skilled at talking to customers. She joined in on our conversation on and off for a good deal of the time. She also was the most attentive bar tender I've experienced, filling up water and wine glasses constantly. Admist all this she was flirting with this cute girl who came in twice. The first time the girl brought her starbucks. And when the girl who brought her Starbucks left she says to us, "I kindof like that girl." And we all grinned. Plus she had really great tattoo's. I am totally going back. Since b is moving t can go. And maybe I can get "y" or "e" to go sometime.

I didn't see much of the other people there. All women couples. But besides that our conversation was so very interesting, that I didn't have much time to notice other people anyway. ;) And the wine was fantastic. Dang I wish I could send other people there. A really fun evening.

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