Monday, April 16, 2007

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day

Yesterday's birthday activities were plentiful and wonderful. Birthday text messages from both "E" and "Y", phone calls and other forms of messages from about six people, cards, quality time with people I like a lot... (Yes you, b, t, s, ...) Good things to eat and drink, educational activities (we spent the afternoon at a museum). Yes, I'm a total geek that I would want to do that on my birthday, and I loved it. It was just an all around amazing day. And I felt glad to be alive.

My favorite parts were watching a kid at the museum with those rollerball shoes clothes-line himself on the barriers that keep people in line at the ticket booth, thinking about and being asked the questions from "b", and all the conversations I had during the day at the museum and a funny swearing conversation while walking down the street on the way to get ice cream. Thanks much to all who were with me.

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