Sunday, April 1, 2007

Poignant and Reciprocity

I left the online dating world. But, I am still emailing two people and hanging out with "e". Oddly enough the two people I'm emailing are both professors. And all three respond back to me. Woo hoo. Reciprocity, call and response, equal back and forth should never be under-estimated.

Some of you who know me right now are grinning. Because you know I like to email someone who I "like" about three times for every one time they email me. And so I would like to say I am doing a better job than in the past at that. Although I have wanted to email "e" about five times this weekend. I have not. I can hear "b" saying to me I shouldn't. :)

I have a love/hate relationship with reciprocity. I know it's really important. But I also find it so hard to always force myself to wait and not say something until it's my turn. On the flip side when I do not like someone as much then I am fine with reciprocity.

As a side note: my vocational coach asked me a question Friday that was worded in a way I haven't heard before. I am still trying to figure out how I will anwser.

He asked me:
"Any particularly poignant joys or burrs? conundrums or issues?"

What great words: poignant, burrs, conundrums. :) I'm still thinking about it. One conundrum is I wonder why I never have to think about reciprocity at work? Maybe because I don't care about work like I do about relationships. Or maybe reciprocity is only present when there is a need or want. And at work I don't really need or want. And how in the world do you have a poignant joy? Poignant in it's definition is sad and regretful. Hmmm.

Is it possible to have a poignant joy?

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