Saturday, March 31, 2007

Today's random thoughts

Today I posted on my blog, zu commented, and I re-read it and didn't like my post anymore. Although blog posts can be less thought out than a magazine article, they do need a certain level of thought. If I hadn't posted it I would not have reflected further on what I wrote. But I still felt yucky about having it online. So for anyone who missed it I'm sorry. And when I ponder it more I'll re-post it.

Beyond that, today I've thought about "e". I tried to read for school. And I emailed another lovely woman who is also smart and articulate and a great writer. I am thinking about leaving the online dating service and just emailing the people who I am already emailing. And hanging out with whoever wants to hang out.

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Zuzu said...

I hope you try to re-post it. - Zu