Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Poem: Online well's and cotton candy

While on my way to class today I decided to make real my new found vow to write more poetry. At the time I was thinking about how badly I've been distracted lately and how much time I waste online. So here's my poem about that. :)

Well's and Cotton candy

Email pinging, website voyeurism, electronic intimacy,
They don't sate. They don't fill.
Pure sugar sans-substance.
Finding yourself surfing, emailing... three hours later.
Falling into the computer screen.

Why do I/we use such cotton candy for a boost?
It's momentary momentum.

Granted, sometimes there is depth, an online well with water.
These wells are in the ground of someone.
They are dug from one already fed, sustained.
They are I suppose what I am looking for.

Their water refreshes, does not dull,
does not involve escaping in a sugar high,
or floating in cyber-space.
Well's sate thirst.

So where are the wells?
And can google find them?
Or is google the cotton candy vender?

Is it only in being a well that I find one?

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