Thursday, April 12, 2007

I changed the size of the world yesterday

Here's a random moment from my work you may not be amused, but I was. Today I changed the size of the world. It's a small world anyway so I just shrunk it even more. :)

We have a department who is doing a "walk around the world". So we created a web page where they can log-in, add miles, and see their progress in their walk as a group. It's building up to their big event.

We get it all set up and are ready to make the website live and they say to me, "The miles to goal needs to be subtracted from 24,000 miles, not 24,902 miles."


I get the concept of rounding, but 900 miles? So we started joking that they were doing an "almost walk around the world" instead. One of my male co-workers made comments about how it's because it's a walk "for women", which cause a bit of a frey. And in the end they decided to do 24,000 miles, but finish by doing the 900 miles at the actual event. They are having a 3 mile fun run so they can make up 900 miles easy there.

All in all it's about as lively and amusing as my work gets. There are a lot of ways to change the world. It's just that I never thought I would be changing it's size.

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~Deb said...

Hmm, quite a concept! I got exhausted just reading about it----but it sounds like a great idea! You did change the size of the world.

(Now if you can just change the size of my hips- I'll love ya forever!)

Have a great weekend!