Thursday, April 19, 2007

Being outed by a netflix friend invite

So I have this friend who has invited me to become her "netflix friend" twice now. The first time I totally ignored it. But this time I feel I need to say something. The thing is, I am not "out" to her. And frankly my movie listing would give me away. Straight christian women don't tend to watch things like "The 'L' word" or "If these walls could speak 2".

I have no idea what to say. I was thinking of trying to joke a bit about my movies being inappropriate for all audiences. But the problem with being a good girl like I am is that she will not believe me.

She will ask me questions. And then I will have to say "I'm not comfortable sharing." And she will know something is up anyway. Maybe I should just let netflix out me. I think it is much better to tell a friend to their face shocking news like this. But dang nabbit it all I am not yet ready. I think I'm a bit befuddled on this one.

O the power of netflix. :)


Anonymous said...

i had to laugh because the dvds you categorized as not ones 'straight christian women' watch have been on my some others.

i think i blew the stereotype:)


just me said...

You truly are beyond stereotypes. :) Which is something I like about you.

Anonymous said...

You can move those titles into your second profile, where your friend won't see it.

Click on Your Account.
Click on Account Profiles.
Then click on Add Account.

You can then put all your other titles in there and the friend won't see them. You can then Reassign DVDs based on the number you have Out. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Try working for them and not being able to use the feature.

just me said...

to anonymous 1: :) thanks for letting me know. I'll try that out. And to anonymous 2: bummer!

Jules said...

netflix is convinced that i am a gay man - a fact which amuses me to no end and embarasses my husband just a bit. i say go for it. there are worse ways to serve up that sort of surprise.