Thursday, March 1, 2007

Talking in my sleep!

A former roommate of mine is staying with me for a couple days. My place is this big all one room space, except for the kitchen and bathroom. I treat it sortof like a loft space. The point of you knowing this is that she's sleeping on the futon in the same room as me so she can hear me talking in my sleep.

So this morning I asked her if I snored. She looks at me and pauses a bit. Supposedly last night she got up in the middle of the night. On her way back she heard me talk in my sleep. And I guess I said loudly and as clear as if I was awake. "This is really good stuff."

This totally makes me grin because I think I can guess what I might have been dreaming about. But who knows. I am also sooooo grateful I didn't say anything else. Well I hope I didn't. She did pause so... maybe I'll ask her again if that was all I said.

Yesterday I had two very wonderful emails from people I am connecting with online. And they both made me grin. The overview on my recent interactions is that I do not have any new dates set up but I am emailing three people. The main issue is that two of them are out of state and the redhead stated right away that she wanted to be friends. Still no clue if she meant start as friends or only friends. This does not bode well for kissing anyone. But they sure are great at emailing. :) I guess they are good enough for me to say "This is good stuff" in my sleep!

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