Thursday, March 1, 2007

NPR Story: Ex-gay ministry

This is a two post day because I just ran across this article online.

Church Hosts Conference on 'Ex-Gay' Therapy

All Things Considered, February 28, 2007 · The controversial idea that counseling and therapy can overcome homosexual tendencies is at the heart of what's called the "ex-gay movement." Proponents of ways that gays and lesbians can be "cured" recently held a conference in Phoenix, Ariz. [Read the rest of the story here]
A few thoughts....I've been in counseling off and on to explore me and healing for almost 8 years. I have also gone to similar conferences. Something called the Pastoral Care Ministries school run by Leanne Payne in Wheaton Illinois.

Eventually you just have to say, "I'm done". I pursued everything my faith community could offer. I have sought God. I have done all the right things. I have done the work to make sure I am (relatively) emotionally and mentally healthy.... And now I'm going to date women. And this does not change the fact that I love Jesus, I'm a christian, I am committed to live a christian life. I am not stopping any bible reading, prayer, or listening to God just because I'm dating women. In the end of things this is where the christian doctrine of free-will comes in.

And another thing! I wish there was live "real time" map of America with dots representing all the people who are leaving the church because of stories like this. I heard some yesterday from a friend of mine. And this brings me back to what I'm learning from that book "A time to embrace". More later on all that.

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