Monday, March 12, 2007

It's flowers for bravery day, didn't you know that?

Today I did something brave, and it's so glorious out, that in celebration I bought flowers for myself. I think buying oneself flowers is a really great way of caring for self and celebrating being brave. And they smell good. For me buying flowers for me is so different than flowers from others (although I love those too) because it's an act of intentionality that memorializes something in a totally different way. Even if it's just in my memory. Although sometimes the drying of flowers helps memorialize. Look aren't they great and spring like? :) Anything you need to celebrate or memorialize today?

And if you are wondering, zu, my brave move was to go visit the place you mentioned. Although I almost bailed. As providence would have it though, there was a great bookstore across the street and I decided I'd go into the bookstore while I thought about it. And when I came out (pun almost intended) I was braver, and decided nothing can be that scary after driving around in a convertible, windows down on a sunshine filled day, followed by a visit to a bookstore! The visit went well and it wasn't very scary at all. There is really no reason it would or should have been scary, well except it's for GLBT folk. Anyway, woo hoo for bravery, and of course woo hoo for beautiful flowers.

And since I am into side notes to these blog posts yesterday my friend "L" said something really encouraging. She said that usually this birth of figuring out sexuality or coming out or whatever is much more dramatic. She thinks I've done so much work to know myself and am pretty mature already so it's really a slow gentle easing into things. And she said it looks like I'm doing a pretty good job already integrating me and such. Well, I just though it was sweet of her to say so and I want to remember it!

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So do we get to hear a little bit more about your visit there? - Zuzu