Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Holding therapy

I want to say something about this blog post. Read it first if you can. It's a post about "Holding therapy and the Sexual Identity Therapy Framework". I found it a bit emotionally and mentally muddy to read. Not because it's not clear but because I have been held in therapy and it seemed fine in my context.

I like and respect my counselors (yes zu in spite of the fact that the guy thinks homosexuality is sin). For about two or so years (once a month) I saw two, a man and a woman, at the same time. The man has been a counselor for years and is licensed, and the woman is not licensed, but was there as a support for me as I worked on attachment stuff. Mostly because I respond better to women. All three of us were in the room always. There was no holding therapy with my main counselor (the man), however I did hug and was held by the woman. And it was really nice. It felt safe because there were three of us. There were bondries and I do think there was some healing of attachment stuff in me that happened because of the particular connection we had. I don't think it harmed me. But I do appreciate that the focus was on attachment issues and caring and not on trying to make me straight or with some agenda.

Don't get me wrong as I said in previous posts I have gone to a conference for healing me and I don't recommend it. But I think that there are safe small ways of incorporating hugs and eye contact in therapy. Even with someone who thinks they might be gay.

Perhaps the issue here is in the motives of the counselor. Or perhaps I just really like that woman who hugged me and don't want anyone to disrespect her care. Hmmm.

I think I appreciate the "framework" they have a link to. I read it really quickly but it sounded like it had some spaciousness in it.....

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