Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Grandma dying and miscommunication on dates

This is quite crazy. First I text my date tonight and she said "I thought it was next week when I have spring break." So true. It should be. Although for my part I did say "So March 21st right?" then I asked what time. She responded to the time but not the date. So therefore I claim it is not my fault.

Besides this fact however it might be alright. The reason why is that my mother called me today and said that my grandma is dying. Although she has been ill for a while her dying is rapid. She was unresponsive yesterday and today the doctor said she doesn't think she will live though the day. So it seems like it's a 90% or more chance that I am going to be going out of town for the funeral this weekend coming back on Tuesday. And then I have my date the next day. Unless something else happens.

One more quaffle like this however and I think I shall be done. Crazy girl. It's so hard when you haven't met someone. She could be great and just a bit flaky right now (everyone has flaky moments sometimes) or she could be scared, or she could be a bit daft. I am currently placing bets on the first two options.

O, on my grandma. I am someone who has known all four of my grandparents and my great-grandmother. I think I'm pretty lucky because of that. This is my last remaining grandparent. Poor thing, she really wanted to see me married to a boy and with child. I kindof wonder if she will look down on me from heaven and think "O that's why she never was dating any boys." :) I never told her about me. She was a very strong woman running all over the rural country side to teach piano lessons while my mother did the cooking (starting at a VERY young age). She would have made a great CEO. I think my mom is so kind and maternal because my grandma wasn't quite as maternal. My grandpa was the one to get up with my mom and uncle when they were sick. And my grandpa was the one who was over the moon when they were born. My grandma told them to take the children away. She is a power matriarch in the church she started with my grandpa. And I have a few distant relatives who are scared of her. All this I don't think of as bad. She was lovely she just never got to funnel her power into more constructive areas.

More thoughts on all this later I'm sure. For now think of my family and if you pray ask that God would take her quickly.

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